Deutscher Verlag für Musik

Contemporary Music, Music Pedagogy and More

The actual imprints began with the Deutschen Verlag für Musik (DVfM). Founded in Leipzig in 1951, it was acquired by Breitkopf shortly after Germany's reunification and continued to operate as an independent limited liability company (GmbH). The most prominent sector of the DVfM program was contemporary music (e.g. Siegfried Matthus, Udo Zimmermann), as well as many works by Hanns Eisler, the “old” series of the Leipziger Mendelssohn Complete Edition and musico-pedagogical publications above all in the field of wind literature (e.g. by Koch, Seltmann/Angerhöfer or Krumpfer) and piano (e.g. Manfred Schmitz). The DVfM editions are included in the current Breitkopf catalogues. The pedagogical program is still being actively expanded through, for instance: Neumann: Fo(u)r Strings, Schmitz: Mini-Jazz and other publications.

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