Christian Schmitt | Concert organist | Stuttgart, Germany

“The team of renowned editors stands out for the utmost competence. The musical text itself is clear and concise, with very good page turns. Of particular importance to me are the modern forms of the editing technique. Incerta, early and alternative versions are published online, annotated and depicted synoptically.

These and many other reasons convinced me to use the new Bach edition from Breitkopf for my CD recording with the Deutsche Grammophon.“

Prof. Ruben Sturm | Cathedral organist | Rottenburg, Germany

“My experience with the new Breitkopf edition is excellent: The new edition of Bach’s complete organ works from Breitkopf ideally combines the current state of Bach research with musical practicability, textual criticism with the perspective of different readings and scholarly standards with the joy of playing - in short: THE Bach edition of the 21st century! Highly recommended!”

Stefan Ronkov | Minster organist | Dießen am Ammersee, Germany

„In preparation for my concert series – Great Organ Works, I used the new edition of Bach’s Complete Organ Works published by Breitkopf & Härtel and edited by Jean Claude Zehnder, among others. I am simply fond of them. It is a pleasure for me to play from it. It is perfect for the performing musician,

  • because the printing is more compact, so I don’t have to turn pages as often as with other editions
  • because each volume has been provided with a helpful introduction including (partly) photographs of the autograph
  • because through the specified various readings (early or late versions, copies or autographs) I can comprehend how the works might have developed in the compositional process.

This Breitkopf edition sets standards!"