The Editors

With Werner Breig (Erlangen), Pieter Dirksen (Culemborg/Netherlands) and Reinmar Emans (Bochum), a.o. we have brought together a team that guarantees the highest expertise in various domains. Further Bach experts such as Sven Hiemke (Hamburg), David Schulenberg (Boston) and Jean-Claude Zehnder (Basel) were also enlisted for the edition of single volumes.

Werner Breig, Professor Emeritus of Musicology, taught at the Universities of Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Wuppertal and Bochum. His work focuses on the music of Heinrich Schütz, Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard Wagner, and Arnold Schönberg. Werner Breig has published numerous publications and editions on the music of various eras

Pieter Dirksen is in great demand as a concert organist and harpsichordist as well as a continuo player, and has appeared in several award-winning solo recordings. The holder of a PhD in musicology, he has published numerous studies and editions of seventeenth-century music and the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. His edition of Sweelinck's Complete Works for Keyboard Instruments, which he co-edited with Harald Vogel, has set new standards in edition technique.

After receiving his doctorate in Bonn, Reinmar Emans worked as a research associate at the Johann Sebastian Bach Institute in Göttingen for 23 years; among the volumes of the new Bach edition elaborated by him there, is one with Bach’s organ chorales from miscellaneous sources. His music-historical priorities include music in Italy in the 17th century and in Germany in the 18th century. He also presented numerous publications on socio-musicological and editorial-philological issues. In addition, he has been working as a freelance music critic for various music magazines for decades.

Sven Hiemke studied musicology and church music in Hamburg where he also has been teaching as a professor of musicology at the Hochschule of Musik und Theater since 1997. In addition, Sven Hiemke is a lecturer, translator and author of numerous essays and books including a facsimile edition (Laaber 2004) and a monograph of Bach's Orgelbüchlein (Kassel 2007).

Matthias Schneider teaches at the University of Greifswald as a professor of sacred music (with a focus on organ playing) and performs regularly as an organist in Germany and abroad. A focus of his work in research and artistic practice is the keyboard music of the 17th and early 18th centuries, their sources and their performance practice. In addition to editions, various recordings as well as studies on different aspects of this music and its interpretation have emerged from this.

David Schulenberg is author of numerous publications on music of the Bach family, including The Keyboard Music of J. S. Bach. A performer on harpsichord and other keyboard instruments, he can be heard on CDs of chamber music by C. P. E. Bach, Quantz, and Frederick the Great. Professor at Wagner College (New York), he has also taught at Boston University and The Juilliard School. Additional information, including recordings, editions, and writings, is available on his website.

Jean-Claude Zehnder taught the organ class at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, from which well-known musicians have emerged in the meantime. In addition to numerous concerts, CD recordings and courses, his dedication to Johann Sebastian Bach has played an increasingly important role; the compilation of Bach's early works primarily aims to raise awareness of the importance of stylistic research. Jean-Claude Zehnder wrote numerous publications on this topic.