Misato Mochizuki (*1969)

“The world premiere of Mochizuki's "La Chambre claire" at the Berlin Musik-Biennale practically achieved the impossible:

... with its “logic” that is perceptible through the senses, it managed to interest an audience that usually finds Henze already too conservative while captivating those with little experience of new music at the same time.” (Tagesspiegel)

Mochizuki's “Chimera” – a highlight of the Witten Festival 2000 – a musically skillfully staged fusion of various stylistic levels whose brief life-span is characterized by a musical idiom rich in brilliant insights. (Positionen)

Photo © by Jérémie Souteyrat, Tokyo

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Born in Tokyo


Master's Degree in composition from Tokyo's National University of Fine Arts and MusicMoves to Paris, studies composition at the "Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris" with Paul Méfano und Emmanuel Nunes


First prize for composition at the Conservatoire in ParisJapan Music Awards for "Passages en failles"


Composition and computer course at IRCAM, in particular with Tristan Murail

since 1997

Author and correspondent for various music and cultural periodicals, including "ExMusica" and "Asahi Simbun"


Fellowship Award at the "Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Darmstadt"


"La chambre claire" was selected as a recommended piece by the "Tribune International of Composers" at the UNESCO (Paris)


Akutagawa Music Award for "Camera lucida" as the best orchestral piece of a young composer in 2000


"Chimera" wins "Audience Award" at the Ars Musica Festival in Brussels


Japanese Government Award and Idemitsu Award for New Artistic Talents


Otaka Award for Cloud Nine as the best symphonic work of the year


Libretto Competition operalibretto on Haruki Murakamis short stories The Bakery Attack and The Second Bakery Attack by netzzeit wien, Lucerne Opera and Opera genesis London for Misato Mochizuki and Klangforum Wien (World Premiere January 2009)

since 2007

Professor for Art and Culture History at Meiji Gakuin University Tokyo


Portrait Concert with four orchestral works at Suntory Hall Tokyo according to the World Premiere of Insula oya


Portrait Concert with the Japanese premiere of Etheric blueprint Trilogy with light installation at Izumi Hall OsakaLHeure bleue wins the prize of the Tribune internationale des compositeursTeaches composition at the International Summer Courses for Contemporary Music in Darmstadt


Teaches composition at Voix nouvelles in Royaumont/France


Heidelberg Female Artist's Award


Her works have been performed at many international festivals and in many concert series, e.g. in Akiyoshidai, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Caracas, Cologne, Darmstadt, Donaueschingen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Graz, London, Luxembourg, Milan, New York, Paris, Perpignan, Royaumont, Salzburg, Schwaz, Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Tokyo, Vienna and Witten.

By Misato Mochizuki:

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Allein unser Blickwinkel ändert alles. Misato Mochizuki im Gespräch mit Susanne Laurentius, in: KunstMusik 14 (Herbst 2011), Köln: Maria de Alvear World Edition, S. 16-19

On Misato Mochizuki:

Denut, Eric : Après les déchirements. Un panorama de la musique japonaise contemporaine, in: Dissonance Nr. 86, Mai 2004, S. 3-9
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Rain, steam and speed (1994) 9'
for violin, violoncello and double bass

Passages en Failles (1994/95) 12'30
for ensemble

One glance in Spiros' backyard (1995) 8'40
for ensemble

Ceneri (1995/96) 11'30
for mezzo soprano and ensemble

Dérivation (1996) 8'20
for flute, percussion and piano

En arcades (1997) 12'
for clarinet and electronics

Pré-echo (2006) 5'
Prelude for Suite no. 5 for violoncello BWV 1011 by Johann Sebastian Bach
for violoncello