Wiebke Pöpel (*1972)

Wiebke Pöpel, born 1972 in Bremen, is a filmmaker and video artist living with her family in Berlin.

After studies at the University of Köln (Latin American Regional Studies) and abroad, she turned to audiovisual communication at the Art Academy Maastricht in 1997–2001. While subsequently working as cutter and camerawoman for film and television, she realized her own film and video projects, such as, for instance, the award-winning dance films Fora Dentro (2004) and Circulatura (2007, with Mirella Weingarten). Her video installations were to be seen as part of the theater and concert productions in such venues as Chassé Theater Breda, in the Konzerthaus Berlin am Gendarmenmarkt, and in the Opera St. Gallen. For several years, artists’ portraits and artistic festival documentations (Schlossmediale Werdenberg, Festspiele Zürich) have been the main focus of her work, and increasingly emerging have also been New Music projects, such as those with the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart.

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