Michael Proksch (*1958)

Born in Dresden, Michael Proksch has been living in Munich since 1985. After initial private training, he studied piano in the class of Prof. Wolfgang Plehn at Dresdens Carl Maria von Weber Hochschule für Musik.

He perfected himself with Prof. Günther Hörig after graduation and subsequently studied piano and piano pedagogy with Lola Tavor in Geneva until 1989. It is at this time that he wrote his first works for children.
Proksch founded his own piano class in Munich and developed an original system of piano didactics with improvisatory elements. In 1995 he began releasing “Für kleine Klavierkünstler” Parts 1 to 4 and the CD “Klavier ab vier”, all produced by the ADERA-Verlag in Munich. Michael Proksch has been composing for many years now and can look back on a number of world premieres and publications, as well as film scores and productions for stage and television. Since 1996 he has been collaborating with the actress Juliane Kosarev to produce literary-musical programs (CDs Genialer Künstlerschweiss and Wie man ein Liebesabenteuer treibt). He has performed in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Geneva, Paris and elsewhere. In 2006 he was Composer in Residence at Grosskochberg Castle. In 2008 he began working on his book “Und plötzlich waren wir Verbrecher” (Munich: dtv, 2010). The world premiere of his music cycle “D-Mut” took place in Dresden in 2010.

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