Imprints / Koproduktionen


The actual imprints began with the Deutschen Verlag für Musik (DVfM) ). Founded in Leipzig in 1951, it was acquired by Breitkopf shortly after Germany's reunification and continued to operate as an independent limited liability company (GmbH). The most prominent sector of the DVfM program was contemporary music (Siegfried Matthus, Udo Zimmermann), as well as many works by Hanns Eisler, the "old" series of the Leipziger Mendelssohn Complete Edition and musico-pedagogical publications above all in the field of wind literature (Koch: clarinet, Seltmann/Angerhöfer: bassoon, Krumpfer: trumpet and piano (Schmitz, Manfred). The DVfM editions are included in the current Breitkopf catalogues. The pedagogical program is still being actively expanded through, for instance: Neumann: Geigenschule, Schmitz: Spielwiese and other publications.

As to the MUSICA-RARA program (MR), “nomen is often [not] omen” since by now many MR works and editions have become proven repertoire pieces: Neruda: Trumpet Concerto, C. Ph. E. Bach: Flute Sonatas, Krommer: clarinet concertos. MUSICA RARA was founded in London in 1950. The publisher's program soon took on a clear profile with wind literature of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, an area that was underrepresented by publishers until then. Breitkopf acquired the publishing house in 2000 and has been continuing the MR program in a separate catalogue: on the one hand through improved reprints and, on the other, through a number of new editions.

Die Edition Nepomuk (MN) has belonged to Breitkopf since 2011.The publishing program developed by Francis Schneider in Switzerland contains a large number of musico-pedagogical editions, including, in particular, books (Ernst: Was ist guter Instrumentalunterricht?) and musical games (Fink: Musikkreuzworträtsel). The MN program is being continued by reprints and new titles in a special catalogue. Most recently published are Graf: Sängerische Begabung; Fink: Pius, der Frosch; and Karimi: MusicGym.


The cooperation with Munich’s G. Henle Verlag began in 2003 with the acquisition of the orchestral editions which Henle had developed from the new Beethoven and the new Brahms Complete Editions. Both publishers expanded their cooperation a short while later. Since then, Urtext editions of classical and romantic solo concerto literature have been appearing at regular intervals. A brief selection: Mozart: Sinfonia concertante, Schumann: Piano Concerto, Tschaikowsky: Violin Concerto, Berg: Violin Concerto. These editions are identifiable in the Breitkopf editorial series PB (Partitur-Bibliothek), OB (Orchester-Bibliothek), ChB (Chor-Bibliothek) and EB (Edition Breitkopf) through their five-digit numbers; thus, for example, Beethovens Missa solemnis through the numbers PB/OB/ChB 14650 and EB 10544. The new editions prepared with Henle are found in the current Breitkopf catalogues and are listed in the Breitkopf orchestral program.

EOS is the abbreviation for„Eulenburg Orchestral Series," which Breitkopfhas been continuing in association with Schott Music since 2012. The salient points of the EOS backlist are the large orchestral works of Baroque literature(Charpentier: Te Deum; Monteverdi: Marian Vespers; Vivaldi: Le quattro stagioni) as well as repertoire works of the 19th and 20th centuries such as Bizet’s “Arlésienne” suites, Tchaikovsky’s Rococo Variations and Grieg’s “Peer Gynt” suites.  The EOS program is featured in the Breitkopf catalogue "Orchestra 2015". Current new EOS editions are listed in the Breitkopf Orchestra Program.