Zender Foundation Grants for Ensembles

The “Hans and Gertrud Zender Foundation” will award grants for chamber and ensemble music projects taking place in 2022 and 2023. Funding will be provided for projects that deal with the preparation and performance of Hans Zender's compositions.

Projects submitted are not limited exclusively to works by Hans Zender, but these works should form a central component of the programme to be developed. Chamber music ensembles and ensembles of any formation (instrumental, vocal, with or without electronics) will be supported. The grants will be awarded internationally. Special emphasis will be placed on the promotion of younger ensembles. The maximum grant is 15.000 euros.

The following documents must be submitted for the application: a detailed project description including information about the dates as well as the locations of the work phases and planned performances; a cost overview; information about the participants.

Applications are to be submitted to the Hans and Gertrud Zender Foundation, Glaserhäusleweg 7, 88709 Meersburg, Germany, zender-stiftung@web.de by 30 June 2022.

Here you can browse through the works of Hans Zender.