COVID-19 | Unchanged Service

For more than 300 years, reliability and continuity have been part of Breitkopf & Härtel’s philosophy. This is why, even in challenging times such as the current COVID 19 pandemic, we are committed to being your reliable partner.

Are you a retailer or an end customer? Our Sales and Customer Service will take care of your orders in the same familiar way. Are you a protagonist in the music business? Our Performance and Rental Affairs Department will answer your inquiries in the usual manner. Project-related matters will also be taken care of by your trusted contact persons.
Are there any questions, or do you need help? You can reach us via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, by email or our contact form.

In our newsletter and via social media, we are going to keep you regularly informed about the latest developments and offers.

We trust that by acting in solidarity and consistency, we will jointly overcome the immense challenges posed by the measures currently necessary to protect the health of all of us. We sincerely wish you all the strength, prudence and confidence required in that respect.

Music publisher Breitkopf & Härtel