Jubilees 2014


Gottfried August Homilius - 300th Birthday

The first major impulse for his rediscovery was supplied by the new Urtext edition of his Chorale Preludes by Christoph Albrecht in 1985. More on Homilius can be found in the Bach Magazine of the Leipzig Bach Archives, where Uwe Wolf provides an in-depth evaluation of Homilius under the title “The Best Church Composer” for this special occasion. A Homilius symposium is also planned for Dresden in late January / early February.

"The most important protestantic church music between Bach and Mendelssohn".
(jpc courier 2/2014)

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach - 300th Birthday

Breitkopf & Härtel has been a “C. P. E. Bach publisher” since the composer’s lifetime; and between 1765 and 1788 Johann Gottlob Imanuel Breitkopf corresponded frequently with him. Among the works published at that time are, for example, the six collections of piano sonatas “for connoisseurs and amateurs” Wq 55-60. Deserving special attention is the edition of the “Four-Part Chorale Settings” by Johann Sebastian Bach. C. P. E. Bach functioned here as a kind of executor of his father’s estate: by editing this work group in four sections for Breitkopf between 1784 and 1788, he saved these chorales from falling into oblivion.

Today, one will find many Urtext editions of the works of C. P. E. Bach on www.breitkopf.de, and not only the above-mentioned collections “for connoisseurs and amateurs:” chamber music, cello concertos in “Breitkopf Urtext” and, from the MUSICA RARA catalogue, four flute concertos as well as the complete flute sonatas, accompanied either by obbligato harpsichord or by basso continuo. Finally, Breitkopf & Härtel set the benchmark for the composer’s collected works in 1905 when the publisher released the standard-setting work catalogue compiled by the Belgian musicologist Alfred Wotquenne, in which each work is supplied with a Wq number.

All works by C. Ph. E. Bach published by Breitkopf

Contemporary music on „C. Ph. E. Bach“:

Günter Neubert: Partita for two Brass Choirs and Orchestra using a chorus by C.Ph.E. Bach (1981)

Manfred Schubert: oncerto freely adapted from the "Programmtrio" Wq 161/1 by C.Ph.E. Bach (1988)


Siegfried Matthus - 80th Birthday

With stage works such as “Die Weise von Liebe und Tod des Cornets Christoph Rilke,” written for the reopening of Dresden’s Semperoper in 1985, or “The Neverending Story,” which was given multiple premieres on several stages in 2004, Siegfried Matthus has played a major role in the development of post-war German-language opera. Breitkopf’s homepage lists no fewer than 75 works by Matthus, including many orchestral works and instrumental concertos aside from music theater. Matthus has made outstanding contributions to all musical genres over the decades.

Particularly noteworthy are the timpani concerti “Der Wald” and the percussion concerto “Manhattan Concerto,” which are both frequently performed. The composer’s landmark anniversary also marks the end of an era at the Schloss Rheinsberg Chamber Opera: in his jubilee year, he will be stepping down as artistic director of this institution which he founded in 1991. The performance of his opera “Judith” on 28 June introduces the final act of his fruitful activity there. An international Matthus Symposium will take place before in Weimar between 24 and 27 April 2014.

For more about Siegfried Matthus please click here.

Photo © by Carla Arnold, Dresden

Hans Leo Hassler - 450th Birthday

Hassler was the first German composer to go to Italy to study there (with Andrea Gabrieli in Venice), Hassler was later active as an organist in Augsburg and his native Nuremberg. Hassler’s organ works are admired just as much today as they were in his own time. Among them are the two lengthy volumes Orgelwerke I – Die Unika der Turiner Tabulatur, which Ulrich Wethmüller and Wolfgang Thein presented in 2001/2002 within the framework of our Hassler Complete Edition. The organ composer’s stylistic variety emerges quite noticeably in this collection.

All works by Hans Leo Hassler published by Breitkopf


Nicolaus A. Huber - 75th Birthday

From the calendar of Nicolaus A. Huber: 1) late 2013: a world premiere in the ZKM Karlsruhe (the duet Hímeros for harp and percussion), 2) late January: an appearance with the Ensemble Modern at the “Happy New Ears” concerts in the Frankfurt Opera, 3) portrait concerts in the “ars nova” cycle of the SWR in Ravensburg (4 April) and at the Musikhochschule Trossingen (19 May). Ravensburg will be organizing a percussion program with two recent works – Erosfragmente, Póthos – as well as a performance of the drum classic Dasselbe ist nicht dasselbe. All of these events are striking signs of the unaltered creative freshness of the composer, who has just published the essay “La lune blanche. Gedanken zum Schlagzeug” (La lune blanche. Thoughts on Percussion) in the latest volume of “MusikTexte.” Nicolaus A. Huber will be turning 75 on 15 December – and will probably be surrounded by well-wishers at various events. He’ll probably also be surrounded by piles of scores and music paper for commissions that are gradually taking shape this year.