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World première: Hamburg, Jan. 26, 1997
Duration: full evening
Text by the composer after the fairy tale of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen and words of Leonardo da Vinci and Gudrun Ensslin

   Lachenmann, Helmut (*1935)

The Little Match Girl

Music with paintings  1990-96  abendfüllend  text: Andersen, Ensslin, da Vinci 
solos: SS – 4S4A4T4B – Shô – 4(4picc.2A-fl.rec).4.4(2B-clar).4(3dble bsn) – – 2timp.perc(5).2vibr.2xylorimba – 2pno.cel.e-org(synth) – 2e-guit.2hp – str: solo octet – – tape – 6 regulaters 
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