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Duration: full evening
Text by the composer based on the puppet show of the same name
Translation: french (J. Lasserre), ital. (O. Previtali)

   Busoni, Ferruccio (1866-1924)

Doktor Faust Busoni-Verz. 303

Opera in three parts - completed  text: Busoni, Ferrucio 
solos: S. 9T. 5Bar. 7B – choir: SSAATTBB - 3(2pic).2(cor ang).2.Bkl.2.dble bsn. – – timp.perc.(4) - 2 hp - – str – stage music: – – timp.perc.(2) – 2hp - cel – 
hire material complete work  (Phillip Jarnach) 
on request
hire material complete work  (Antony Beaumont) 
on request