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Here is the most important information for a successful search among the more than 900 composers and authors, approximately 7,000 works and 14,000 editions and books in our catalogue. Capitals and lower case letters have no bearing on the search results.

Search request
Our search function works like all the other standard search engines in the Internet. It not only looks for composers, authors, works, work numbers and order numbers, but also for librettists, editors and tables of contents – including those of collected works. Just enter your search request, such as:
composer or author
work title (or parts thereof)
Work numbers such as op., BWV, KV, D, Wq, Hob – also in combination with a number (e.g. op. 15, BWV 211, KV 620. Please enter with blank.)
a work genre such as concerto, oratorio, sonata, aria, dance etc. – also in connection with a key (e.g. C major, F sharp minor, op. 26)
order number (e.g. EB 8506. Please enter with blank or just enter the number.)

Don't worry about different spellings. The search engine will find "concertinos" and "concertones" under "concerto" as well…

Authors A-Z
If you are looking for the works of a certain composer or author, you can select the name from our list of Authors A-Z. Names that appear only in collected volumes are not contained in this list and must be entered in the search box (e.g. Boulez, Kagel). Extended Search In our

Extended Search,
you narrow down the hit list according to your personal wishes. You can, for example, select a scoring or a group of instrumental combinations and/or click on the historical eras that should be included in the search.
You can also search under the ISMN or ISBN numbers of our publications.

General Info:
If several authors or composers are found during the search, you will first obtain a list of relevant names to choose from. After you have found a work, click the title in order to see all the available editions and, wherever applicable, further information. The abbreviations at vocal works indicate the language(s) in which we offer the vocal text. The texts are in German whenever not otherwise indicated.