Matthus: Noch einen Loeffel Gift, Liebling?
Comic criminal opera in one overture and 3 acts

Duration: full evening
Text by Peter Hacks after the comedy "Risky Marriage” von Saul O’Hara, translation by Hans-Joachim Pauli
Place and time: Villa der Brocklesbys’ Villa in England, 2nd half of the 20th Century
World premiere: Berlin, 1972

Characters: Inspector Campbell (bass) - Commander John Brocklesby (tenor) - Lydia Barbent (soprano) - Honoria Dodd, Head of a Girls’ Boarding School (alto) - Lance Fletcher, Educator in the Girl’s Boarding School (tenor) - Jennifer (soprano) and Poll (alto), Girls from the School - Perkins, Butler (baritone)

Commander Brocklesby and Lydia Barbent are both planning to kill their respective spouses. Since Inspector Campbell is incapable of outfoxing them, he decides to kindle a romance between them so that they can do each other in. If he cannot eliminate the case from his files, he muses, maybe the suspects can eliminate themselves! Next to the two anti-heroes engaged in a struggle for life and death, there is a big fight scene and a very intricate secondary plot revolving around the following conundrum: good people have a certain naiveté and unworldliness which they must part with progressively as they learn to understand the world better; however, they can do so and still remain good people. (Peter Hacks)
Siegfried Matthus: [Ohne Titel] und Götz Friedrich: Verdachtsmomente, in: Programmheft der Komischen Oper Berlin zur Uraufführung 1972