Ehrenpreis/Wohlwender: 1 2 3 Klavier
Klavierschule für 2 - 8 Hände. Illustriert von J. Ginsbach

Piano teaching in groups - big or small - is in! This new method gives group and individual teaching many new impulses and is ideal for 1 2 3 (and more) reasons:
1. The songs and pieces are agreeably melodious, easy to sing, and full of harmonic variety.
2. Many songs and pieces involve tasks which motivate the young student to improvise and experiment with musical elements.
3. All performance instructions can easily be understood by children.
4. The volumes are imaginatively and colorfully illustrated.
And finally, 5. The teacher’s handbook contains many didactic tips for every piece in group teaching (2-4 children).

The play-oriented, comprehensive methodology allows one to move on without a break to the elementary music pedagogy.

Book 1 has been awarded the German Music Edition Prize.

Book 2 aims directly at children aged 7 to 11 who are learning individually or as duet partners on two pianos. Musical independence is encouraged by a wide variety of tasks requiring variation and improvisation.

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