Mozart: Symphony in D major K. 385
Hafner Music: Hafner Symphony with March in D major K. 408/2 (385a) - Breitkopf Urtext ed. by Henrik Wiese

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote his Hafner Symphony K. 385 in the summer of 1782 on the occasion of the elevation into the nobility of his friend and patron Sigmund Hafner. Next to the well-known movements, this version (A) also contained the March K. 408/2 (385a) and possibly a second, no longer extant minuet. Called “Hafner=Musique” by Mozart, the work was unquestionably a serenade at first. In early 1783 Mozart then reduced the Hafner Music for his subscription concert at the Vienna Burgtheater on 23 March 1783 to a four-movement symphony. This is the form in which the work was first printed in 1785 (Version B). For a further performance, Mozart added flute and clarinet parts to the symphony. In 1805, this version (C) was published by André in Offenbach, who thus began making it known.

The primary sources of the present “Breitkopf Urtext” edition are the autographs to K. 385 and K. 408/2 (385a). It thus becomes possible for the first time to play all three versions of the Hafner Music, since the variants of Versions A and B can be easily discerned through indications in footnotes and notes in small print.