Schwedhelm: Wache Finger, wache Ohren
Spiel- und Übungsmaterial zur elementaren Klaviertechnik

“Alert” fingers conquer the keyboard

Wache Finger, wache Ohren conveys the elements of piano technique in the form of exercises and short, musically diverse etudes and shorter works. At the center are the systematic development of the fundamental forms of playing the piano and the elaboration of these forms’ performance technique. In addition, the author also strives for an interpretation with nuanced sound and attack techniques, as well as a method of practicing that is rich in variants and demands an intensive sense of perception.

Bettina Schwedhelm has made a name for herself as the author of the piano method Klavierspielen mit der Maus. Her latest work, Wache Finger, wache Ohren, consists of two student books and one teacher’s commentary with DVD, on which the elementary playing motions and types of attack are illustrated in short videos.