Program Tips "Children's Concert"

Wide-open eyes and frenetic applause

... – this is what every youth-concert organizer hopes for! Children’s concerts are increasingly in demand and appropriate repertoire is very sought-after. We have put together a variety of programs for youngsters to sing, whistle and clap along with, or just to listen to and discover. Sometimes there’s a narrator who tells stories from the world of fairy tales, or about spooky things and dreams. Among them are classics such as Saint-Saëns’ “Carnival of the Animals,” supplemented with amusing episodes by Loriot, as well as Leopold Mozart’s Children’s Symphony. But one also finds a novel use of children’s toy instruments in Bernhard Romberg’s symphony (“Berchtesgadener War”) to provide a delightful accompaniment to the musical activity with cuckoos, nightingales and rattles. Siegfried Matthus unleashes a genuine fireworks of colors in his orchestral fantasy based on Michael Ende’s book “The Neverending Story.” Known for its children’s programs, the Trio Accanto whisks children away to dazzlings world of music by Helmut Lachenmann and Martin Smolka. And Hans Zender’s iridescent orchestration of five préludes by Claude Debussy has inspired the author Annette Pehnt to relate the story of “Lila and the Invention of the World.”