Kyburz: Still and again
Three Arias from ΟΥΤΙΣ

World première March 11, 2011, Frankfurt

Weighing still against silence
Crystallized time in a haze
Motionless, sensing my senses
In vigil, unguarded
My inside made of echoes
Ruled by an uncertain pulse
Delusion or distant response

Weighing still against silence
Blank-eyed, in ceaseless visions
Lastingly held in unrest
My days are my nights now
Though could be turned by one touch
And sounds, and absent voices
Are seeping into my skin
Doomed to be bound
Untwining, entwined
Doomed to be rooted to
Whatever worse –
No one now
Untwining, entwined
In your presence
whence your face
what facing
when once your hands
you whose words
to whom
Doomed to abide
From naught to naught
Whomsoever shroud
Or veil
lying bare
my hips go unheeded
remains of mine
my hips go unheeded
unbound bones
No ones spouse
But yours
Since we are said to be one
cerise is cerise
Twofaced undying embrace
Lips bitten in twain
"She's scratching her face!"
cerise is cerise is cerise
Fell writhing, fell

Sharing one shadow or none
"Her hair is still growing!"
cerise is cerise
Breath drowning in breath
Knelt, fell, knelt
"Her limbs in a feverish wrench!"
Went winged

More life behind, more life
With no regret
My ever weary eyes
Like lidless, are holding
What was and will be
You need not know
I'll be your word among whispers
Resign my bloom for yours
For time is but time
Two equals one
Manyskilled is what they call you
I'll guide you though
Awake and awaiting
I'll be your voice among waters
From wind waves to swell
Foresaid and foreseen
All of disguise and revealing
From softsome oblivion
Return to find
Hundred horizons of laughter
Lost will be won
From driftwood to bough
Our mornings lie ahead
Wider than mine is your patience
Return, return
From leeway to shore
Blank minded, unknowing
The scent of olive skin
Return my word

Whose guise, whose looks… whoever –
You do not know
Who are you to abash me
Again and yet… again
Those vagabonding smiles
I fear your voice
Fall silent
What made you dare to bring me
The feel and ways of hands
Hereafter – after all
Touch me, don't touch me
You do not know
Still and again… but still
Your presence
Pervades me from within
Find me
Unheard of
Past joys and joy to come
Touch me, find me

Text: Sabine Marienberg