Tschaikowsky: Concerto in D Major Op. 35
Breitkopf Urtext - ed. by Ernst Herttrich - in Cooperation with G. Henle Verlag

Opus 35 debuts in Urtext

Tchaikovsky had the printing of his epoch-making violin concerto supervised with great care, and he even examined the proofs himself for the publication of the version for violin and piano in 1878, which was followed by the orchestral parts the following year and the score in 1888. After many editions and respective arrangements – by Leopold Auer in 1899, Fritz Kreisler in 1939 and, most recently, by Konstantin G. Mostras and David Oistrakh, based on Auer – comes an Urtext edition that takes into account all surviving sources and critically evaluates them, a matter of great importance for both scholars and performing artists.

Table of contents
1. Allegro moderato
2. Canzonetta: Andante
3. Finale: Allegro vivacissimo