Ziegenrücker: Praktische Musiklehre
The ABC of music theory for classroom and self study

The subject of music theory is taught at many places: music schools, conservatories, continuing-education seminars for laymen... Up to now, however, there has been no didactically perfected yet thoroughly comprehensive concept. Wieland Ziegenrücker, whose pedagogical classic "ABC Musik – Allgemeine Musiklehre" has confirmed his expertise with the material, has coordinated his "Praktische Musiklehre" with the syllabi of the "Verband deutscher Musikschulen" (VdM) and tested it extensively in the classroom. Ziegenrücker places great importance on aural training and consistently incorporates it into his method from the very start. This is why the three books of the "Praktische Musiklehre" each contain a CD. Books 2 and 3 take the music-theory method all the way to simple song harmonizations, which corresponds to an intermediate level in the VdM's syllabus.

In summer 2010, the "Lösungen", or answers, to all basic and supplementary exercises which had previously been available online, are also published in printed form. The only exercises for which there are no answers are those in which the curriculum is formally tested by having the student write (measure) numbers or letters, or exercises requiring personal rhythmic or melodic creativity. Everything else can be found in the "Lösungen," even suggestions or improvements for exercises for which there can be several correct results. Incidentally, tests for the material treated in the books and for ear-training are available for download at the respective books. With the new "Praktische Musiklehre," unanswered questions will now be a thing of the past.