Haas / Heißler / Schneider: Ich wollt, ich wär ein Halbtonschritt
Musik erleben, beschreiben, verstehen

Music theory from the "Keyboard Crocodile" team

A music theory method for children that's easy to understand? Who could better accomplish this task than "Keyboard Crocodile" experts such as Martina Schneider and Elisabeth Haas? They have joined music educator Wolfgang Heissler in putting together this "half step" project: a student's book with many assignments and ideas for experimenting, understanding and participating, as well as a teacher's book with 2 CDs. These CDs also contain music examples, copying masters as pdf files and a wealth of music examples from all of music history. The student's book is designed to arouse young people's curiosity about what is in the music, to open their ears and lead them in an entertaining manner to a comprehension and concept formation of music theory, and to the written depiction of the fundamental elements of music. The half step is a wonderful symbol, since it is in the middle of musical activity and surrounded by notes and tones, intervals, scales, triads, rhythms and many more elements that are essential to music.