Smolka: Still Life with Tubas or Silent Hiding
Tuba concerto

World permièreJul, 18, 2008, München, Herkulessaal, musica viva-Konzerte, Symphonieorchester des BR, cond. Peter Rundel

In this silent piece two monumental solo instruments act gently – playing only few tones, mostly soft, sometimes very soft or even in whisper: Tender giants. In this lyrical piece the two grotesque instruments play soberly – no puffy runs and jumps, just attentively designed sounds: Clowns in love. In this orchestral piece individual parts contain just few notes. During one of the long rests the players are even requested to stay motionless like statues: A crowded still life.
In various shades a certain principal reappears obsessively. A section is repeated in slight variations; step by step it becomes softer and thinner, while silences between sounds rise: Silence Hiding. (Martin Smolka, 2008)