Splash! Easy Piano Pieces about Water
Illustrated by Martina Schneider, ed. by Karin Daxböck, Martina Schneider, and Veronika Weinhandl

No more dry piano lessons

"Surging, flowing, dripping" – with "Splash" the beloved Keyboard Crocodile has finally made it back to his original habitat. Obviously the friendly little reptile only feels truly fit amidst original literature, and you'll be amazed to see how many gently flowing or wildly cascading pieces have been produced over the past two centuries. You'll find pieces by masters such as Czerny, Schumann, Gurlitt and Theodor Kirchner; some white-water pieces from William Gillock and Mike Schoenmehl; and with the "Little Atlantic Rhapsody," an ocean breeze will sweep through every piano lesson. No one has to be afraid of water, however, since "Splash" is also ideal for non-swimmers! The pieces are generally a bit more demanding than those in the "Horses" book (EB 8780), but this definitely need not dampen anyone's enthusiasm. With this book, learning the piano goes swimmingly!

Table of contents
1. Feliks Rybicki In the Boat
2. Erwin Christian Scholz Mariner’s Song
3. William Gillock Water Lilies
4. Ludvig Schytte Moderato
5. M. Lysenko (I. Berkovych) Regentropfen
6. Cornelius Gurlitt Song of the Sea
7. Jürgen Moser Rainy Day
8. Carl Czerny Allegro from Op. 261
9. Cornelius Gurlitt The Mill Wheel
10. Cornelius Gurlitt Con Moto from Op. 82
11. Francis Schneider The Endless Vastness of the Sea, the Desert …
12. Friedrich Burgmüller The Clear Brook from Op. 100
13. Felicitas Kukuck The Rowboat
14. Feliks Rybicki On the Pond
15. Mike Schoenmehl Rain
16. J. C. F. Fischer Prelude
17. Theodor Kirchner Dreaming Lake
18. Veronika Weinhandl Misty Veil
19. Louis Köhler Sledging Party from Op. 243
20. Alec Rowley The Lake
21. Robert Schumann In the Gondola
22. Samuil Majkapar It’s raining
23. George Nevada Little Atlantic Rhapsody
24. William Gillock Fountain of Diana
25. Francis Schneider On the Big River