Beethoven: Coriolan Op. 62 - Overture
Urtext nach der neuen Gesamtausgabe Abteilung II/Band 1 (Henle) - ed. by Hans-Werner Küthen

Orchestral material on the basis of the New Beethoven Complete Edition (G. Henle Verlag).
All conducting scores and orchestral parts are thus obtainable exclusively from Breitkopf & Härtel. The piano reductions of the solo concertos and the study scores („Studien-Editionen“) remain within the G. Henle Verlag and can be ordered there:

Beethoven’s complex publication strategy called for a simultaneous release in England, France and Germany. While he hoped that this would promote the greatest possible dissemination of his works, it also raised the thorny issue of the correct dating of the first edition.

In his Urtext edition of the „Coriolan“ Overture, Hans-Werner Küthen was able to prove that the source dated 1 September 1807, which was originally considered as authentic, was ultimately a reprint by Simrock, which Beethoven referred to in a letter of 16 June 1807 as a “tolerated relict.” Binding for the new edition was solely the first Viennese edition printed by the Industriekontor, which must have predated Simrock’s print. The new evaluation of the sources also brought up changes in the articulation.