Eisler: Suite for Orchestra No. 5 Op. 34
from the music to the film "Dans les rues"

For the “Suite No. 5”, Eisler turned to the music he had written for the film “Dans les rues” (“In the streets”, France 1933, directed by Viktor Trivas). The composer even managed to smuggle into the score an instrumental version of a song that had already enjoyed worldwide success, the “Kominternlied”, dating from 1929. Eisler was to recall this effective ploy not without a measure of pride. It turns up in the sixth movement of the suite.

(Jürgen Schebera)

Table of contents
1. Praeludium
2. Intermezzo
3. Tema con variazioni I
4. Marsch
5. Tema con variazioni II
6. Andante eroico
7. Tema con variazioni III
8. Finale