Marx: Schnupperkurs - Konzepte und Materialien für ein Instrumentenkarussell

with the co-operation of

Ma-Lou Bangerter (violin)
Silke Mannteufel (guitar)
Dorothea Kammer (recorder)
Marianne Gudowus (transverse flute)
Ulrike Ertle (percussion)
Stephan Maier (trumpet)
Hans Christian Oelert (violoncello)
Cordula Heymann-Wentzel/Wolfgang Kogler (clarinet/saxophone)
Gerhard Scherer (accordeon)

Welcome to the world of musical instruments!

"Schnupperkurs" means a course in "sampling" – and this expertly designed material is ideal for all children who've just finished their initial musical training and are eager to learn more about music and music-making. It's also the ideal accompaniment for the increasingly popular orientation courses for musically interested children, since it's a fun way to explore the most important instruments (piano, violin, recorder, guitar) and to acquire their basic techniques.

The various sampling phases are interwoven into the overall framework of the course. At the end, the instructor can hold an event for all participants based on the didactic concept underlying the course.

The comprehensive teacher's handbook contains organizational tips and a wealth of ideas arranged according to topic. The delightfully illustrated "work sheets for the student" can be used whenever needed so that the course can be adapted to each student's needs and to varying focal points. "Schnupperkurs" is now frequently used in teaching and has found a positive evaluation in the trade press:

"A first and very successful attempt to give structure and repeatability to the instrumental carousel." (nmz)