Beethoven: Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage
Urtext based on the new Complete Edition Abteilung X/Band 2 (Henle) - ed. by Armin Raab

The sun recently began shining from a cloudless sky on Beethoven's "Meeres Stille und Glückliche Fahrt" (Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage) after the publication of the piano reduction and choral score which signalize the completion of the performance material based on the new Beethoven Complete Edition. The old but commendable Breitkopf material has now been definitively replaced by the new "Urtext" editions, save for the tried and true piano reduction by Carl Reinecke, which boasts more than simply historical merits. Its existence is assured by the revised and simplified form in which it appears in the new piano reduction. It will no doubt long continue being a much appreciated aid at choral rehearsals.

Orchestral material on the basis of the New Beethoven Complete Edition (G. Henle Verlag).
All conducting scores and orchestral parts as well as piano-vocal scores and choral parts are thus obtainable exclusively from Breitkopf & Härtel.

The piano reductions of the solo concertos and the study scores („Studien-Editionen“) remain within the G. Henle Verlag and can be ordered there: