Beethoven: Elegischer Gesang Op. 118 - Sanft wie du lebtest
Urtext nach der neuen Gesamtausgabe Abteilung X/Band 2 (Henle) - ed. by Armin Raab

Beethoven wrote the “Elegischer Gesang” op. 118 in August/September 1814 in memory of Eleonore von Pasqualati, who had passed away prematurely three years earlier. She was the wife of Baron Johann von Pasqualati, in whose house in Vienna Beethoven lived from 1804 to 1815,with several interruptions.

The present Urtext edition follows the musical text of the new Beethoven Complete Edition (G. Henle Verlag). The primary source of the edition is a copy examined by Beethoven, which was presumably made in 1814, shortly after the work was written.

Orchestral material on the basis of the New Beethoven Complete Edition (G. Henle Verlag).
All conducting scores and orchestral parts as well as piano-vocal scores and choral parts are thus obtainable exclusively from Breitkopf & Härtel.

The piano reductions of the solo concertos and the study scores („Studien-Editionen“) remain within the G. Henle Verlag and can be ordered there: