Ponies! - Easy Piano Pieces with the Keyboard Crocodile
ed. by Karin Daxböck, Martina Schneider and Veronika Weinhandl - with colour illustrations by Martina Schneider

Saddle up your piano stool and start galloping!

Just about every child loves horses, and, not surprisingly, many composers have fondly recalled their childhood love for horses in a great variety of piano pieces. The collection Horses! Easy Piano Pieces With The Keyboard Crocodile goes through all the paces, trotting out bucking broncos and little ponies, but also seahorses and rocking horses... It depicts general forms of broadly equine motion transposed into music. The experienced Keyboard Crocodile editorial team has compiled a large number of easy, original piano pieces ranging from Robert Schumann's classic "Wild Rider" to Mike Schoenmehl's "Cowboy Ride." And with Martina Schneider's delightful drawings, players familiar with the Keyboard Crocodile will be pleased to find their "old friends" once again!

The Keyboard Crocodile, Monster & Their Friends make it fun to play the piano!

Table of contents
Anonymus (um 1730) Quadrille
Balazs, Arpad Trotting
Bartók, Béla Play
Clarke, Jeremiah King William's March
Cornick, Mike Stepping Out
Daxböck, Karin Mountain Ride
Diabelli, Anton Allegretto
Glover, David Carr Indian Pony Race
Goedicke, Alexander Allegro moderato
Gretschaninoff, Alexander My little Horse
Gurlitt, Cornelius Pony Ride
Rocking Horse
Hässler, Johann Wilhelm Allegro
Kabalewskij, Dimitri Galloping
Knipper, Lev A Cavalry Song of the Steppes
Majkapar, Samuil In the little Garden
Nevin, Mark Chords on Parade
Norton, Christopher Galloping
Papp, Lajos The Coach rolls along
Proszynski, Stanislaw Hunting
Rier, Eduard Roundabout
Rybicki, Feliks Carousel
The Grashopper
Schoenmehl, Mike Cowboy's Ride
Schumann, Robert The Wild Horseman
Schytte, Ludwig Andantino
Szelenij, Istvan A Gallop
The Horse
Takács, Jenö Cowboy Song
Weber, Carl Maria von Ballet
Weinhandl, Veronika Seahorse