Beethoven: Symphony No. 6 in F major Op. 68 (Pastorale)
Breitkopf Urtext - ed. by Peter Hauschild

"More an expression of feeling than painting" - This famous motto has been inseparable from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 ever since the parts were first published (Leipzig: Breitkopf 1809). Hauschild’s new edition is based on all the major primary sources: autograph, first edition of the parts, copies of the score supervised by Beethoven, and the first edition of the score. With masterful expertise, Hauschild combines source criticism with the demands of performance practice, while keeping the Critical Notes brief (it goes without saying that they are in the score). His editorial emendations can thus be checked immediately. Whoever seeks more about how the Breitkopf new edition differs from other available editions will also find this information quickly and easily. A new Breitkopf score bearing the trademark "Source Criticism for Performance Practice" sheds a brilliant light into the dark maze of sources and editions.

Table of contents
1. Awakening of Cheerful Feelings upon an Arrival in the Country - Allegro ma non troppo
2. Scene by the Brook - Andante molto mosso
3. Merry Gathering of Country Folk - Allegro
4. Thunderstorm - Allegro
5. Shepherd's Song: Happy and Thankful Feelings after the Storm - Allegretto