The Four-Handed Keyboard Crocodile - 16 Easy Piano Pieces for Children

ed. by Elilsabeth Haas, Rosemarie Salzbrunn, Martina Schneider and Veronika Weinhandl Trzeja - with colour illustrations by Martina Schneider

The four-hand, four-pawed, four clawed supplement to the beloved „Crocodile“ collection EB 8516. Although it was no easy task fort he editors to find simple and varied original pieces for piano four-hands from all historical periods, it was certainly worth the trouble!

This volume has been awarded the German Music Edition Prize.

The Keyboard Crocodile, Monster & Their Friends make it fun to play the piano!

Table of contents
Berkowitsch Russian Folk Song
Bramsen The Unfortunate Serenader
Diabelli Alla turca
Garscia The Drum
Gurlitt, C. Barcarole
Peasant Dance
Heilbut The Trotting Brown Pony
Mozart 2 German Country Dances
Five Aunt's Boogie
Nuyten Rain Play
Pace Israeli Dance Festival
Train to Grand Junction
Papp Polish Folk Dance
Prósznyski The Marionettes
Vanhal Allegro
Volkart-Schlager The Shoemaker