Beethoven: Choral Fantasia in C minor Op. 80 (Klavierkonzert),
Breitkopf Urtext ed. by Clive Brown

Piano vocal Score by Xaver Scharwenka

The history of the origins and sources of Beethoven’s "Choral Phantasy" is complex and poses considerable difficulties to today’s researchers. A definitive "final version" is not extant. Instead, there are contemporary printed editions which diverge from each other in many details. The English musicologist Clive Brown thus also based part of his text-critical work on his comprehensive knowledge of the performance and notation practice of Beethoven’s time.

Table of contents
1. Adagio
2. Finale
3. Adagio ma non troppo
4. Marcia assai vivace
5. Allegretto ma no troppo quasi andante con moto
6. Presto