Lachenmann: Notturno
Music for Julia (violoncello concerto)

world première Brussels, April 25, 1969

I began writing Notturno in 1966, and after a few interruptions in my work, I completed it at the end of 1968. In spite of the traditional practice, the soloist accompanies the orchestra in this work, however: he is not subordinate, but rather entirely sovereign: the soloist prepares the whole, balances it, modifies and sets it in continuously changing perspectives, he functions therefore as a "key figure".

This work is unique among my compositions, in it you can find (and this has to do with the mentioned interruptions) two different aesthetics: the older one which understands sound as a result and expression of abstract visions of order, and the newer, in which all order should maximally serve concrete and direct sound reality. In between those two is the function of the solo part.

(Helmut Lachenmann)

Andreas Lindenbaum, Klangforum Wien, Ltg. Hans Zender
CD Accord 204852
CD BMG/RCA 74321 73512 2 (Musik in Deutschland 1950-2000)


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