Huber, N. A. Eroeffnung und Zertruemmerung
for chamber ensemble and tape

world première Witten (Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik), April 23, 1993

The music is so conseived that it tends to become increasingly abstract and barren as it progresses, culminating on a sinus tone. By contrast, the visual element should take on greater weight as it proceeds from "LICHT" (light) and, ultimately, ends on a critical, social note, i.e. with themes and the treatment of themes which are foreign to the essence of music. Accordingly, the score contains precise instructions and closely connected images and sounds. The more the two spheres drift away from each other, the more it becomes possible to treat the visual aspects in a freer manner.
(Nicolaus A. Huber)

Musikfabrik, Ltg. Jürg Wyttenbach, ensemble avance,
CD WD04/2 (Dokumentation Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik 1993)
CD Telos Music TLS 018

Amzoll, Stefan: „Ich bin ein Bewunderer des Seins“. Über Geschichte und kritisches Komponieren im Werk Nicolaus A. Hubers, in: MusikTexte Heft 108 (Februar 2006), S. 27-33