The Keyboard Crocodile - 37 Easy Piano Pieces for Children
ed. by Elisabeth Haas, Rosemarie Salzbrunn, Martina Schneider, Karin Strebl and Veronika Weinhandl Trzeja - with colour illustrations by Martina Schneider

The "Keyboard Crocodile" is actually quite harmless. This friendly beast crawls colorfully and playfully amidst these piano pieces from all over the world chosen from among the easiest pieces of all times.

It won't wag its tail at the "Funeral of Max the Turtle" or snarl at "Carefree Jack". This delightful little reptile quickly finds its way into the hearts of all children beginning to play the piano. The only thing the "Keyboard Crocodile" would like to sink its teeth into are boring piano albums for beginners!

The Keyboard Crocodile, Monster & Their Friends make it fun to play the piano!

Table of contents
Anonymus Early French Dance
Bach, J. S. Musette
Bartók Sorrow
Batschinskaja The Old Cuckoo-Clock
Beethoven German Dance
Burgmüller Arabesque
Duncombe Fanfare Minuet
Fux Almost a Canon
Gillock Fiesta
The Swinging Sioux
Graupner Bourrée
Gretschaninow Riding on the Hobby Horse
Gurlitt, C. Night Journey
The Little Rascal
Theme and Variation
Haydn 2 German Dances
Gipsy Dance
Kabalewskij Dance
Kodály Children's Dance
Lefeld Little Mouse
Löhlein Balletto
Martin Boogie No. 1
Mozart Minuet
Mozart, Leop. Bourlesqe
Schubert Ecossaise
Schumann Hide and Seek
Soldier's March
Schwerdtner The Funeral of Max the Turtle
Schwertberger Samba in Sixths
Seifert Little Piece
Takács Glider Flight
Türk Carefree Jack
Echo in the Castle
Vanhal Allegretto
Witthauer Gavotte