"Breitkopf Pädagogik" for Strings

Michael Dartsch opens his "Geigenkasten" to present a three-volume collection of material for violin instruction, which was given the German Music Edition Award. Frank Michael's "Auf 8 Saiten" lets two instrumentalists improvise with one another as a duo in easy "Saitenspiele" (string games) for two violins. In Joschi Krüger's "Liederheft" for violin and accompaniment (2nd violin/piano), the zebra leads us through a merry zoo and to the "Krokodil am Nil" (crocodile on the Nile). "Cello-(Phil-)Vielharmonie" for 4 to 20 students offers a variety of pieces ranging from Praetorious to the Comedian Harmonists. In "Flexible Strings," all musicians – from beginners to pros – can join in to play cool string pieces for variable ensembles (5 to 18 parts). No wonder that Angelika Bachmann won an award for the most innovative music project in Germany in 2005 with her "Coole Streicher" (cool strings). And "Groovy Strings" proves that jazz can have a meaningful place in the teaching of stringed instruments today.

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