Counting what is countable:

 And it is as alive as ever. In the past ten years a number of new catalogues have seen the light of day. After the short version of the Bach Work Catalogue (1998), the Wagner Correspondence Catalogue (1999), the Samuel Scheidt Work Catalogue (2000) and the Sibelius Work Catalogue (2003), the publisher brought out Peter Ryom’s Vivaldi Work Catalogue at the Frankfurt Book Fair in fall 2007 (it was already known in its shorter version). For the first time, we can now find in the “RV” – which can stand for both “Ryom Verzeichnis” and “Répertoire Vivaldi” – musical incipits to all of Vivaldi’s works as well as a great deal of up-to-date information on every work. The awards were quick to follow, for only a few weeks later, the RV – just like the Sibelius Catalogue four years earlier – obtained the German Music Edition Award in the category “Musicological Books” at the Frankfurt Music Fair.