"Breitkopf Pädagogik" - New Editions
Innovative - multi-faceted - proven

You will find all the editions bearing the quality seal "Breitkopf PÄDAGOGIK" here:

Breitkopf Pädagogik for Piano
Breitkopf Pädagogik for Strings
Breitkopf Pädagogik for other Instruments
Breitkopf Pädagogik - Books

Breitkopf PÄDAGOGIK presents a variety of new publications and editions of proven practical value. The program's focus is on instructional methods for beginners and more advanced students, as well as for young children or older students. They stimulate the imagination and the joy of music-making without neglecting pedagogical goals.

Breitkopf PÄDAGOGIK editions are innovative, multi-faceted and proven.

INNOVATIVE: The editions incorporate the most recent developments while also searching for new forms of music editing

MULTI-FACETED: The editions provide imaginative stimuli for music-making. They do not follow any closed pedagogical concept

PROVEN: The editions have all been used in practical teaching, and have been edited or inspired by experienced teachers

Your interest in our latest catalogues is always welcome. You can download or order the brochure "Breitkopf PÄDAGOGIK 2010/11" under CATALOGUES.