Sommerfeld: Instrumentalunterricht in der Grundschule
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Basics of an Explosive Topic

The theme has been very up-to-the-minute for a few years now, and the author knows from his own experience what he’s writing about. Many elementary schools have already established models such as Jeki (an instrument for each child), MoMo (the Monheim Model, in whose development Sommerfeld played a leading role) and the general playing of music in the classroom. The rules in those schools are different from those in music schools, where most of the teachers come from. Consequently, the chief aspect here is the understanding of the “Elementary School System” and its peculiarities, something that instrumental teachers are generally not very familiar with, and an open mind for buzzwords such as talent, motivation, quality, internal differentiation, discipline, obligatory supervision – and, ultimately, for musical help to be provided for the arrangement of suitably exemplary pieces.

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