Hirche: Ein Klavier geht auf Reisen
Weltmusik, Rhythmus, Improvisation - mit CD

The Piano World Music School

Trinidad & Tobago, Hungary, Argentina, the U.S., Japan, Spain – Andreas Hirche takes us all over the world with his traveling piano. Whoever wants to come on board must have at least a basic knowledge of music theory and harmony, and, above all, should love experimenting; after all, each of the 15 pieces contains instructions for stylistically authentic, imaginative improvisations which chiefly orient themselves on ostinato forms.

Technically, the palette ranges from short, simple pieces to lengthier, more demanding works that can be played with or without the improvised sections. Broadly speaking, the “Piano World Music School” truly has a style and a sound for everyone. Hirche has recorded all the pieces on CD with exemplary improvisations. The disc also offers play-alongs in mp3 format, which should help players achieve their first successes with pieces of their own design, and in no time at all.

Table of contents
I Trinidad und Tobago Banana Boat Song (Calypso); Emma, Le’ Me ‘Lone (Calypso); Steel Pan Alley
II Ungarn Csillagok; Micha Csárdás; Cigány Tánc
III Argentinien Volver (Tango Argentino); Fantasía Del Tango (Tango Nuevo)
IV USA Backwater Blues; Boogie Blues
V Japan Sakura; Im japanischen Garten
VI Spanien Los Muleros (Flamenco); Habanera; Mi Tranquilidad Se Fue, Mi Corazón Esté Triste (Bulería)
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