Arens: One Hand Piano
Fun pieces for “either or”

Dislocated shoulder? Left thumb broken? Does the weaker hand need special attention? No matter what’s amiss, the 40 fun pieces in “One-Hand Piano” are the right medicine! No prescription needed, highly effective, to be taken in doses ranging from very easy to very challenging. Lots of pieces are playable “either or,” thus with either hand! Stylistically, you’ll find everything your heart desires. There are arrangements of pieces from the Renaissance to the Comedian Harmonists, as well as original pieces ranging from classical music to film and folk music. “One-Hand Piano” is also ideal for competitions and little recitals. It would be a shame to wait for a sprained finger – after all, these pieces don’t need an emergency to sound great!

Barbara Arens plays from "One Hand Piano" on YouTube

EB 8646   16,00 €