Breitkopf & Härtel and the Kronberg Academy to cooperate

Breitkopf & Härtel and the Kronberg Academy are launching their partnership with sheet music and more at the 2013 Kronberg Academy Festival.

The music publisher is supporting the newly built library by providing quality sheet music. The official handing-over is taking place in the rooms of the Kronberg Academy on Friday, 27 September. Breitkopf’s delivery contains more than 250 musical editions from all eras, including many conducting scores and study scores, and even works by rarely performed composers.

Raimund Trenkler, CEO and artistic director of the Kronberg Academy, is most delighted to be able to usher in this new partnership: “Especially the new Breitkopf Urtext editions enjoy the greatest esteem among musicians all over the world. The Henle Urtext was the first important step last spring. Thanks to the publisher’s literature for stringed instruments, our library now accepts the second repertoire segment of the highest order from Breitkopf & Härtel. This is invaluable for the work of our teachers and students.”

Over and beyond the sheet music, the encouragement shown by the world’s oldest music publisher is of lasting importance. “For years now, we have been following the inspiring work accomplished by the Kronberg Academy. We shall most certainly put our new publications for strings at the Academy’s disposal without cost in the future as well,” said Lieselotte Sievers, Managing Partner of Breitkopf & Härtel, at the presentation. “Furthermore: we shall actively participate in various educational projects and concerts in Kronberg through our experience and advice. As a music publisher based in Wiesbaden, we see ourselves practically as direct neighbors of the Kronberg Academy.”

The photo shows from left to right Sebastian Mohr (chief Operating Officer, Breitkopf & Härtel), Lieselotte Sievers (managing partner, Breitkopf & Härtel), Raimund Trenkler (manager and art director, „Kronberg Academy“), Prof. Friedemann Eichhorn (director of “Kronberg Academy Masters“ ), Clemens Falkenstein and Dr. Frank Reinisch (Breitkopf & Härtel)

Photo © Andreas Malkmus