Jussim: Cities & Rhythms
12 Pieces for Piano Duet

The cities of polkas, waltzes and tarantellas...

Many cities around the world are celebrated for their unique beauty, their breathtaking sights or their historical significance. These elements also often go hand in hand. What is much less frequent is to showcase a city from the perspective of its music. This is precisely the path taken here by Städte und Rhythmen on its journey to cities that have become famous through their music, or, more precisely, through their rhythms, and from where dances such as the polka, the waltz, the tarantella and others began their triumphant march through music history.

Igor Jussim, known for his Blues Collection (EB 8718), fashions the pieces in Städte und Rhythmen after characteristic patterns. He highlights the selected rhythms in a musical idiom and form that encourage the player’s access to these rhythms.

Table of contents
1. Týnec nad Labem (Polka)
2. Spring in Vienna (Walzer/Waltz)
3. Upper-Palatinate Zwiefacher
4. Jassas, Hellas! (Chasaposervikos)
5. Paris (Valse Musette)
6. Tarantella napoletana
7. Canto gitano (Serenata) (Granada)
8. Bossa Nova del Rio
9. Milongas en Buenos Aires (Milonga)
10. Rumba trista (Havanna)
11. Holiday in St. Louis (Ragtime)
12. Bulgar, Freylekhs
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