Friedrich II. der Große: 4 Sonatas
First Printing ed. by Mary Oleskiewicz / Continuo Realization David Schulenberg

In the four sonatas presented here for the first time, the royal composer can lay uncontested claim to an above-average talent. The works stand out for their imaginative power, their skill and their stylistic variety. The grand rooms of Sanssouci Palace must have been filled with heartfelt Adagios and brilliant Allegros that confirmed the virtuoso flute technique of the Quantz pupil. The sonatas were recently recorded on CD (Hungaroton) by the editor who, as a performer, is a recognized expert on the music of J. J. Quantz and Frederick the Great.

Table of contents
Solo per il Flauto Traverso in A minor Spitta No. 21
Solo per il Flauto Traverso in B minor Spitta No. 83
Solo per il Flauto Traverso in Bb major Spitta No. 76
Solo per il Flauto Traverso in C major Spitta No. 40
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