Eisler: Complete Edition (HEGA)
Series IV (Instrumental Music) Vol. 7: Nonets ed. by Thomas Ahrend

Film music for nine instruments

In Hanns Eisler’s work catalogue, the “Nonet” is not a rigidly determined chamber-music genre. The three works for nine instruments in the present volume are based on film scores that Eisler wrote in the United States. The Nonet No. 1 is practically identical to the brief film music to “The Living Land” (1939); the “Suite for Nine Instruments” and the “Nonet No. 2” were derived from the documentary film “The Forgotten Village” (1941). In the Nonet No. 1, Eisler borrows the twelve-tone technique of his teacher Schoenberg and handles it with – for his standards – surprising consistency. As to the lengthier music to “The Forgotten Village,” Eisler arranged various pieces from it while still in the U.S. (= “Suite”) as well as after his return to Europe (= Nonet No. 2”).

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