Rosin: HELLAS!
Volkslieder und -tänze aus Griechenland mit Illustrationen von Marlies Walkowiak

Off to Greece!

Folklore in recorder training is a welcome change. Sylvia Corinna Rosin travels with us to “Hellas”, as Greece is called in Greek. Our “travel guide”, known for her “BlockflötenSpiel” (EB 8760/61) method and many repertoire books, presents the most beautiful songs and dances from all parts of the country. The second part for alto or tenor recorder adds a rhythmically accentuated accompaniment which is intended for the teacher or for advanced students. Chordal symbols allow the participation of guitar or piano. Percussion instruments are also very fitting. The contents of every piece are related, the typical qualities of Greek folklore are explained, and a map facilitates our orientation. Thus: pack your recorder(s) and let’s head off to Greece!

Table of contents
1 Makedonia xakusti Famous Macedonia
2 Pontiakos Chorós Pontian Dance
3 Sultana m’ Sufliotuda m’ My Sultana from Sufli
4 Samiotissa me tis Elies Girl from Samos with the Beauty Spot
5 O Menussis
6 Russu Lena Lena with the Red Hair
7 Tillyrkiotissa The Woman from Tillyria
8 Kotsari Pontian Dance
9 Ston apano Mahala In the Upper Neighborhood
10 Vassilikos tha yino sto Parathiri su I Transform Myself into Basil at Your Window
11 Gaïtanaki Dance around the Maypole with Ribbons
12 Ta Rialia Small Coins
13 Enas Aetos An Eagle
14 Su ipa Mana m’ pantrepse me Mother, I Told You that I Want to Marry!
15 P era stus pera Kampus In the Faraway Plains
16 K erkyraikos Chorós Dance from Corfu
17 K ontula Lemonia L ittle Lemon Tree
18 I Vlaha The Farmer’s Wife
19 Psila stin Kostilata Up in Kostilata
20 Lemonaki mirodato Sweet-Smelling Lemon
21 To Rinaki Little Irene
22 Karaguna Dance from Thessaly
23 Korin agapo I Love a Girl
24 Omal Pontian Dance
25 Matia san ke ta dika su Eyes such as Yours
26 Thalassaki mu My Small Sea
27 Susta Kritis Dance from Crete
28 Me tu Magiu tis Mirodies The Scent of May
29 Mantili Kalamatiano The Scarf from Kalamata
30 Trelenome Manula mu I’m Going Mad!
31 Tria Paidia voliotika Three Men from Volos
Greek Folk Dances and Songs
Notes on the Dances in this Edition
Notes on the Folk Songs
Notes on the Songs in this Edition
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