Krämer: Kontrapunkt.
Polyphone Musik in Selbststudium und Unterricht

Counterpoint, no matter where

No matter where those thirsting for knowledge gather, whether at the Conservatory or on a park bench, this book is sure to give everyone a solid foundation in the purportedly so complex domain of counterpoint. After Thomas Krämer’s now standard-setting books on harmony and analysis, his exploration of counterpoint was long anticipated. The major work is now finished. Formulated in an easily understandable way, it contains more than 800 music examples, leads beyond four-part writing for the first time and offers three informative digressions on the “Fundamentals of Texting,” “Thoroughbass and Counterpoint” and “Harmony and Counterpoint,” which all reflect various aspects of the main topic. Thanks to its extensive answer section, the book is particularly ideal for autodidactic study.

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