Leipzig Edition of the Works of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (Complete Works)
Series I (Orchestral works) - Vol. 6A: Symphony No. 4 in A major (Op. 90) MWV N 16 "Italian". Version of 1834

Posthumous torso

A mystifying question of versions surrounds the “Italian:” right after the world premiere in London, Mendelssohn is unsatisfied with his symphony. Since he no longer has the score with him, he writes it down afresh (except for the opening movement), but stops at three quarters of the way. In the meantime, trusted experts weigh in with their views. Fanny Hensel writes to her brother: “I don’t like the change in the first melody at all; why did you make it?“ Nevertheless, Felix continues to busy himself with the first movement, but ultimately finds no more time for it and leaves it primarily in the form of the “complete early version” of 1833, which is published posthumously and remains, to this day, a standard repertoire piece in all concert halls. The “revised torso,” in turn, was long ignored. It was published in this volume, yet it is clear that the three movements of the “incomplete final version” of 1834 were – from the composer’s viewpoint – not at all ready for publication, seeing that Mendelssohn had never critically reviewed them after having penned them.

Table of contents
1 - Preface
2 - Introduction
3 - Andante con moto
4 - Menuetto. Con moto grazioso
5 - Saltarello. Allegro di molto
6 - Faksimiles
7 - Kritischer Bericht.
8 - I. Quellen
9 - 1. Quellenübersicht
10 - 2. Quellenbeschreibung
11 - 3. Quellenbewertung
12 - II. Zur Editionspraxis in diesem Band
13 - III. Textkritische Anmerkungen
14 - Skizzen und verworfene Fassungen
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