Leipzig Edition of the Works of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (Complete Works)
Series IV (Sacred Vocal Works) - Vol. 11B: Elijah (Op. 70) MWV A 25 - Arrangements for Pianoforte, ed. by Chr. Martin Schmidt

Piano versions from the master’s hand

Mendelssohn wrote his piano-vocal score to “Elijah” in view of a parallel publication in England and Germany – and he did so right after the world premiere, at a time when he was planning to subject the work to a thorough revision. The piano reduction, which actually did appear simultaneously in both countries in 1847, is thus of exceptional value as a source and reflects the revision process of the entire work.
Moreover, the volume from the Complete Edition also contains two further piano arrangements from the master’s hand: the “Elijah” Overture for piano four-hands and the well-known aria “Höre, Israel.” Mendelssohn had penned the latter piece separately for soprano and piano, possibly as a gift for Jenny Lind or another singer whom he held in high esteem.

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